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Your Projects are in Good Hands

The expertise of our team and trusted partners allows us to take charge of your projects in a personalized manner.

Our capacity goes beyond our 100,000-square-foot facility and our 100+ employees.

Project Management

We carefully assign a project manager to ensure constant and effective communication for the evolution of your projects.

Design and Manufacturing

We develop technical shop drawings from your napkins sketches, photos, or drawings. Then, from design to installation, our engineering team will optimize each step of your project to offer a functional, durable, high-quality finished product.

Quality Control

There is a documented quality control process at each step of our production chain. This control allows us to keep full traceability of your project.


We offer you peace of mind by taking care of your projects’ logistics, customs, and transportation needs. We gather fully documented and photographic traceability from start to delivery while you benefit from unparalleled adaptability.

Our personalized packaging uses certified environmental materials to facilitate delivery and assembly without a hitch. If required, our warehouse can store your merchandise until needed.

Design and Engineering

Project Management


Metal, glass and advanced technologies integration



Attention to Detail in Every Creation

Projects result from many sources of information coming together. To be successful, our team ensures that every detail is considered carefully.

Transformer vos idées en réalité

Ébénisterie architecturale


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